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Towards liftings and backspace - Budapest - 27-28 janvier 2018 - Paris

Towards liftings and backspace

Improvisation, Contact improvisation and Instant Composition For this workshop, Claire Filmon will accompany us into group, duet and solo movement explorations. We will question the notion of lifting and Back Space in Contact Improvisation. Then we will develop those explorations in Real Time Composition games. How is the listening and the weight transfer negotiation during movement synchronization in Contact Improvisation? How is the breath? How do we involve playfulness into ensemble real time composition ? How being watched influences our choices of movement and composition? In her teaching, Claire offers research on the states and consciousness of the body specific to movement improvisation as well as in contact improvisation. She is interested in the transition between these two body states in which a new body state emerges that she names the "third body". This new body state integrates the needs of these two practices and brings a great richness to the Real Time Composition. By seeking for more access to our perceptions in the moment, more listening between dancers and more precision in movement improvisation and contact improvisation practice, we can explore the passages from solo to duet to group and vice versa. We will also observe the influence of our gaze when we dance and when we observe the dance. From here can emerge real-time composition sketches. The workshop will be in english translated in hungarian if necessary. This workshop is open to all improvisation lovers and performers. Experiences in contact improvisation is advised. In order for Claire to be able to give personal feedback to everyone, we have a number a participant limited to 25. Time schedule : Saturday 27th of January 2018 10.00-17.00 Sunday 28th of January 2018 10.00-16.00 Space : Workshop foundation 200 m2 Grabo studio Juranyi utca 3, 4th floor. Prices : Registration before January the 15th : 80 euros Registration after January the 15th : 100 euros. Registration fee (non refundable) : 35 euros. Informations and registration : Grégory Chevalier,, 0036308451987

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