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Logomotion to Performance A weekend workshop with Claire Filmon and Jeremiah Day - July 1-2

Dernière mise à jour : 21 juin 2023

Photo : Stéphane Els DR

Logomotion to Performance - A weekend workshop with Claire Filmon and Jeremiah Day

When: July 1-2, 2023

Location: K77 Studios, Kastanianallee 77

Information & Registration:

Price: 50-70 Euro each day, sliding scale

Day 1 - Saturday July 1  13:00-17:00 - Introductory Sessionopen to people of all levels of background and experience, focusing on exercises to get us up and improvising with body+words, concluding with making pieces of our own.

Day 2 - Sunday July 2 13:00-18:00 - Logomotion to PerformanceLogomotion is at its heart a performance form, so on Day 2 we will dive deep, leading to a public outdoor site-specific performance. Informal and improvised, but the addition of a public sharing will clarify the meaning of the overall work.  

17:00 Public PerformanceWe will conclude with a drink together and discussion with special guests to reflect on Logomotion’s relevance today.  Feel free to invite friends.

Each day can be taken seperately, but to only participate in Day 2 one should have some relevant background experience. Budget should not be an obstacle to participation, so feel free to inquire about contributing work-support instead of payment.

Logomotion is a method of improvising with movement and speech, working in an open-associative way from a common source.  Developed by Simone Forti, Logomotion can be a form of research, sharing, performance and more, offering tools to develop interests, subject matter and our own self-knowledge through real-time-composition. 

Coming from the visual arts, Jeremiah Day has collaborated and taught with Forti in such venues as the Institute For Contemporary Art, London to Cathy Weiss Studios in New York.  For Day, Logomotion exists at the edge of Happennings and Conceptual Art as an art/life strategy. Special guest Claire Filmon travels from Paris for this weekend, where she has hosted a regular improvisational group for years. Claire came to Logomotion through post-modern dance, teaching and performing with Simone Forti for decades, and brings a special focus on the power of the work for training in dance.

Information and registration —>

Warmly,Jeremiah, Claire and Emily

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