Citoyenne Reprise - Aalst (Belgique) - 22 mai au 25 juillet


Je participe à cette exposition, menée par Jeremiah Day, sous la forme d'une vidéo, intitulée "Un morceau de forêt", et qui sera visible à partir du 22 mai jusqu'au 25 juillet à Aalst, au Netwerk Aalst.

Les infos ci-dessous.

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Citoyenne Reprise, Jeremiah Day

Dear, You are welcome to attend the opening of Netwerk Aalst on Saturday 22 May. A full program with the new exhibition Citoyenne Reprise by Jeremiah Day, the launch of Gardens of Netwerk and a preview of what the MAKERS of cinema will bring us. WHEN Saturday 22 May 2021, 1pm till 6pm WHERE Netwerk Aalst, Houtkaai 15, 9300 Aalst, Belgium RESERVATION Reservation is mandatory, click on the green button below. DISCOUNT Use the discount code opening22mei at the checkout, the full price of admission for the opening will be waived. Would you rather come on another day? Buy a ticket via the green button.



Citoyenne Reprise approaches contemporary events with one eye on history and the other on “Fridays For Future”. Stories of politics and civics, artists and activists are being captured and challenge us to find our place in the landscape of our close struggles and broader forces. Forests and streams, occupations and strikes, “fake news” and true secrets: what is the landscape of civic action today. Citoyenne Reprise is an exhibition by Jeremiah Day, Luca Bertolo, Chicks On Speed, Bart de Kroon, Fred Dewey, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ken Ehrlich, Claire Filmon, Arianne Hoffman , Yuchen Li, Alisa Margolis, Jonas Marx, Anike Joyce Sadiq & André Mulzer, Gilles Vandaele, Mirte van den Bos, Arjan Van Helmond, Rezi van Lankveld and Jeremy Woodruff. The exhibition runs from Saturday 22 May to Sunday 25 July. More info > GARDENS OF NETWERK Together with people from the neighbourhood, local organizations and artists, Netwerk Fabriek launches Gardens of Netwerk. Several projects will occupy both indoor and outdoor space. On 22 May the working group of Netwerk Fabriek, Curatorial Studies and the participation project Inside Out will be present to listen to visitors and passersby. Belle Epoque by the Aalst-based artists Mat and Nikki is a garden set up in one of the exhibition rooms where visitors, communities and artists can develop their initiatives. Read more (NL) > Maaike Van den Abbeele opens her exhibition NUIDO. The Way of Embroidery. She was selected for the master apprentice programme for immaterial heritage and focuses on artisanal machine embroidery. Van den Abbeele was guided by the department of Tourism Aalst and Erfgoedcel Denderland. The exhibition runs from Saturday 22 May to Sunday 13 June. Read more (NL) > THE MAKERS OF CINEMA The MAKERS of cinema get a prominent role in Netwerk Aalst. They act as the building blocks of our cinema. Without them no stories, no dialogue. Without them no films, no audience. Without them, no cinema. Besides showing their work, with introductions and interesting Q&As, we let them make our programme. Discover on 22 May which 12 MAKERS will show their favourite open-air films this summer.

MORE IN AALST From Saturday 22 May onwards, the exhibition HINDER by Mat and Nikki will be running in DISKUS. The opening coincides with their work that can be discovered in Netwerk Aalst. Besides Belle Epoque they are also part of the MAKERS of cinema. Reserve here for HINDER >

Belle Epoque, Mat and Nikki ©Iwein De Keyzer

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