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mOtiOn + souND improvisation perFormance in Tinta Art Café - Budapest

JAZZAJ presents: mOtiOn + souND improvisation perFormance in Tinta!

27 janvier 2018 - Budapest

LEVEGRU = = = =i= =n=t=r=o= = =d=u= =c= = = =t=o= = =r=y= = Viola Lévai, Grégory Chevalier, Ernő Zoltán Rubik – dance, music The LEVEGRU trio is made up of two dancers and a musician. Their joint improvisation lacks any kind of predefined structure – for them, free improvisation is the celebration and a metaphor of life at the same time. All of them work with motion and sound; any object found on-the-spot and the peculiarities of the space can become an organic part of their performance. The natures of sound and motion melt together; what is left to be perceived: the composition and the holistic presence themselves – and of course, our own stories we make up as spectators. One of the reasons behind the timing of their introductory night is that Claire Filmon, one of the masters of instant composition is conducting a workshop in Budapest these days. The Paris-based improvisational dance artist is a generous pedagogue, actively teaching since 1984. Since 1995, she has been creating or participating in improvisational performances including Barre Phillips, Julien Hamilton, Simone Forti, Nancy Stark Smith and Lisa Nelson in places such as the Théâtre Bastille in Paris, the Bauhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin, the MAMCO in Geneva, the Linna Theater in Tallinn, the Judson Church in New York or the Mark Taper Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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